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Westlea, Harare West
Stands & Residential Land
RESIDENTIAL STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; Westlea SIZE ; 630m2 TITLE; clean Cession PRICE; 17k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd WESTLEA STANDS FOR SALE Bradha development 630m² for USD 17 000 , Close to N Richards wholesale. .. Ready to build. Roads has been tarred, water and sewer connected. The area is well built. Very close to Bulawayo road, a good 2 service stations and school. Westlea has remaina steady surbub, well respected, cool and welcoming. Proximity to town is fantastic.
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Budiriro 2, Budiriro, Harare High Density
Flat & Apartment
flat for sale (TRZ0737)
FLAT FOR SALE LOCATION; Budiriro 2 SIZE ; m2 TITLE; clean Cession PRICE; 28k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd A solid 2 bed flat with fitted kitchen, combined dinining and lounge, toilet and bath, government cession, strategically located to transport networks is on sale. This flat is near shops and is a very secure investment.
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Parkmeadowlands, Hatfield, Harare South
Stands & Residential Land
RESIDENTIAL STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; Hatfield SIZE ; 4778m2 TITLE; clean deed PRICE; 50k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd HATFIELD PARK MEADOWLANDS STAND FOR SALE: $50 000usd – This Stand measuring 4778sqm in a built-up area, fully serviced with Full Title is a gem, the area is mature, it’s an infill, there is plenty of space, a bit of some rock outcrops for landscaping lovers, solid ground without any special foundation. Deeds. If someone is looking to stay in a mature area, I will recommend this stand. Social amenities are nearby, schools, doctors and pharmacies, from town you pass through OK mart for your great shopping. mortgage into USD Nostro account accepted.
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KweKwe, Kwekwe
Farm & Agricultural Land
100 hecter plot for sale !! (TRZ0770)
KWEKWE PLOT FOR SALE: US$88000 - Measuring 110 hectares along Silobela road about 28km from Kwekwe, ideal for horticulture, cattle farming, boarding school, institutions, training school. There are no structures at the farm, just a virgin land. The land has Full Title Deeds, very good soils and rainfall patterns are generally good Also available is KWEKWE FARM FOR SALE: US$ show me : Measuring 1872 hectares with an old house, 3 boreholes that needs servicing. The types of soils are sandy loam soils, suitable for all crops and cattle ranching. There is a small dam which needs to be resuscitated. Full Title Deed
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Crowhil, Crowhill Views, Harare North
Stands & Residential Land
RESIDENTIAL STANDS FOR SALE LOCATION; CROWHILL SIZE ; 1000 m2 TITLE; clean DEED PRICE; 10k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd CROWHILL STANDS FOR SALE: These 2 stands measuring 1000sqm each on flat ground are up for sale. Crowhill is one of the locations that has a big potential in terms of investment return. Buying stand in Crowhill is cheap because of the servicing that is in progress, but the value of houses built there will give you an indication of future value of the area. If there is someone who really want a big return on investment I will encourage them to invest in crowhill STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; crowhill SIZE ; 1008m2 TITLE; deed PRICE; 35k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd A choice of 2 stands measuring 1008m2 on red soils only 100m from primary school after site office, ready to build, deeds. This stand is being sold at the real value of crowhill. The location for this stand is great, the views are great, the distance from town is good accessibility is fantastic. There is great value in this property. WE HAVE A BONUS STAND MEASURING 2000m2 IN CROWHIL GOING FOR $15K URGENT SALE
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Chiremba, Hatfield, Harare South
Stands & Residential Land
Harare 3200 sqm for sale (TRZ0767)
Hatfield Chiremba Park. Location- Hatfield Chiremba park. Size 3200sqm Title Developer cession Price $38k USD cash Stand measuring 3200sqm ,ready to build,electricity very close.Gravel roads and septic tank area.
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Glaudina, Harare West
Stands & Residential Land
STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; Glaudina SIZE ; 317m2 TITLE; clean Cession PRICE; 13k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd This ready to build stand measuring 317m2 connected to both water and sewer, roads in progress. This stand is a subdivision. Very good stand. Ready to build. Also available is a 200 sqm stand in the same glaudina area . asking price USD 8500. @ prevailing bank rates
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Fairview, Harare West
Development Project
WESTGATE FAIRVIEW ESTATES DEVELOPMENT LAND FOR SALE 10H Title deed PriceUSD $1,5m Location Westgate area A rare opportunity of 10 ha in Westgate has arisen. Flat land, very good soils, Deeds. $1.5m near Fair view Estates or Kamhunga project. This land is ideal for housing projects, shopping mall, enclosed cluster development, private school, Peri urban horticultural projects, industrial or warehouse park , The deed is clean and good offers are negotiable.
For Sale
Budiriro, Harare High Density
Stands & Residential Land
Budiriro stand for sale!! (TRZ0748)
BUDIRIRO 465m2 stand on council cession The stand is close to Budiriro flats and has 4 rooms at box level , close to the main road electricity connections in process. Build up area and water pipes laid. *also in budiriro 4. a stand on Council cession. 306 sqm. Sewer and Water. Budiriro City Council has already announced that plans for full houses can be submitted for approval. 7500u.s
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Shawasha, Shawasha Hills, Harare North
Stands & Residential Land
LOW DENSITY LAND FOR SALE LOCATION; SHAWASHA SIZE ; 1.5H TITLE; clean deed PRICE; 300k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd SHAWASHA HILLS PHASE 2 STAND FOR SALE: 2 very good stands measuring 1.5h in SHAWASHA hills phase 2, Title deeds. The stands are fully serviced, with tarred roads, electricity is available in the stands, and council water is connected. The stands have one of the best views in Harare, hill views, valley view and the Pangolin plain views. It's located on a gently sloping area with a storm drain running across it giving you an opportunity to capture water for a small fish and recreational dam. One stand is overseeing Pangolin farm in the midst of plenty of indigenous muzhanje, musasa and munhondo trees. The whole stand has solid red soils with 3/4 gravel stones, no Rock boulders and you will be guaranteed of solid foundations. Currently, the stands have no structures just vacant land giving you the opportunity to come up with your own architectural designs and layouts. The stands are in the boom gate and are manned and controlled by SHAWASHA HILLS OWNERS ASSOCIATION which you will comply with its rules and regulations. The price, a giveaway price is, half transfer and the other half offshore or cash for each $300k (*we have another stand with deeds in the same area for $250k)*
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Pixcombe, Kadoma
Stands & Residential Land
KADOMA RESIDENTIAL STANDS FOR SALE KADOMA PIXYCOMB PARK Stands opportunities have arisen in Pixycombe Park along old hospital road to chakari and bordering Rimuka on the other side, 3km from town all measuring 300m2, gravel roads are done, no water and sewer as yet, ready to build, water and sewer diagrams done, Ema report available. Quick sale is required to pay pressing obligations, $4000 usd or transfer equivalent. the project is in KADOMA but all transactions will be done in Harare
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Zengeza 5 , Zengeza, Chitungwiza
Commercial Property
CHITUNGWIZA ZENGEZA 5 BAR AND GENERAL DEALER SHOP FOR SALE A Sports bar and general dealer for sale, tiled, gazebo at the outside, walled ant the back, very busy shopping area, newly built. $50k cash USD or transfer equivalent. The shopping center is one of the busiest, any business will do, this is a great ainvestment both in terms of rental and storing value. The price is negotiable. Cession.
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Glenforest, Glen Forest, Harare North
Stands & Residential Land
REISIDENTIAL STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; Glenforest SIZE ; 2 462m2 TITLE; clean Cession PRICE; 25k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd GLENFOREST STAND FOR SALE: $25 000usd deal – A good flat land stand with red soils measuring 2 462sqm with a 4 roomed temporary structure, septic tank, ready to build. The plus signs for glenforest is that it has stable soils, a lot of indigenous trees, very good scenic views, you can grow anything with the soils from horticulture to orchards. It is generally surrounded by farm lands giving it a refreshing fresh air to breath. The plots areas around it provide cheap fresh produce all the time at field price. It is tipped to be one of the best and safest place to be. STAND FOR SALE LOCATION; Glenforest SIZE ; 2000m2 TITLE; clean Cession, ready for title deeds PRICE; 15k usd PAYMENT MODE; usd GLENFOREST- STAND FOR SALE Measuring 2000m2, cession, roads at gravel level, water its work in progress, zesa is avalable, ready to build, $15 000 usd there are no structures on the stand, the stand is rightly priced below the market value. The soils are good, roads are good as well. This is a good storage for value.
For Sale
Stands & Residential Land
STANDS FOR SALE IN RUSAPE LOCATION; ALLOA SIZE ; 1200m2 TITLE; clean Cession PRICE; 10 usd/M2 PAYMENT MODE; usd RUSAPE ALLOA BROOKE STANDS FOR SALE Just before Crocodile Hotel from Harare arises an opportunity to build a modern state of the art residence, spreading from the Reshape river towards the toll gate is ideal show space to display your beautifully build a home to highway passerby leaving a lasting impression of the architectural taste of the people of Manicaland The smallest stand is now 1 200m2 and the biggest stand is 2500m2 all currently at $10 per m2, OR USD $10/M2, 30% deposit, balance over 3 years into USD Nostro account accepted.